Der längst heute liegt tief unter grünem Gras

2022 – Jute sack, thread, acrylic glasses and needle – 105 x 55 cm.

For many years, dozens of jute sacks piled up in my house once the yearly almond harvests ceased. They lost their use and since then, the time passing has been making its own mark on them through dust, tears, insect-eaten holes and stains.

On this canvas intervened by time, I decided to create an unusual diary. On it, other signs, this time with my own coding, record the days that passed during my staying in Berlin from January to June 2022. A series of threads that follow one after the other in a coded order. Blue, orange and yellow threads. Knots in eights, guide knots, sliding knots. Their interweaving with the history of the bag itself is a transposition of moments in my memory and of the domestic memory that has preceded me.

Finally, methacrylate plates complete the encryption of the messages alluding to the city of Berlin. The emotions conveyed through songs and poems resonate throughout this interweaving of messages and registers.