2022 - Collage, thread - 41,5 x 29,6 cm. / 38,2 x 29,6 cm. / 41,2 x 38,2 cm. / 51 x 29 cm.

These pieces on paper make up an essay that connects the past of a family domestic memory with my personal and individualised present. The associations are constructed from an old diary dating back to 1916, used as a record of the daily expenses by someone in my family at that time, and papers I find. These collages are also a record of inconsequential everyday actions: a shopping ticket, some food packaging labels, a piece of a poster picked up in the street. This symbolic link is sealed with stitched lines that tie the two registers together, in an allusion to routines that, although distant in time, reveal very similar and humble actions. So far apart but so much alike.