living in circles

2022 – 7 prints on Hahnemühle paper (42 x 23 cm. each) and  thread




This project comes from an action that I performed in May 2021: I walked in circles carrying small bags with soil. While I was doing that, I tore the bags with a knife and let the content drop, and with it the weight that it entailed on my body.

The purpose relates to the desire of experiencing the circularity of events, the impossibility of escaping from destructive dynamics. At the same time, its realization enabled me to shed light on the meaning of needing self-referentiality, that is, to continue drinking from the sources that have nourished us, that have nourished those who have preceded us and that have allowed them to grow and exist.

After the performance, I decided to print some photograms together with pictures of my relatives, in an interaction that plays with relationships. On each print, a circle was sewn using a red thread. Seven circles, seven different senses of the flow between my past and my present. Some of them indicate the direction to follow and others are simply endless circles. Uncertain ways of going through a memory that has been transmitted to me in many diverse ways, a memory that acts as a burden and as an anchor.