el peso de la memoria

2021 – 10 envelopes (26.5 x 16.7 cm), tubes (11 cm.), transparent envelopes

Installation in which I carry out a research about the loss of memories when we alter the space to which it is linked. It consists of 10 envelopes and ten test tubes. All these items are displayed in transparent sealed envelopes.

For two and a half months, my family was sending to my address in Madrid 10 envelopes that I had prepared before my departure. Inside each of them I had put 15 grams of powder from the family home. A hole punched in each envelope meant that a variable amount of the powder was lost on the way. Each test tube collects this powder after being weighed.

I think that memories are linked to a specific space and a specific temporal context. What is the link between these two components of memories? Time and space participate in unison, but by breaking one, the other is affected.

By moving to Madrid, I am breaking that spatial continuity, By ceasing my presence in a place, I am altering those memories. Experiences are linked to territories, spaces. According to Salvador Rubio, “remembering is not an experience”, it is a fact that does not have an experiential content. By disassociating memory from the fact of remembering, memories are anchored to a place and a moment in the past.