caminar sobre jazmín

2021 – 5 bricks of transparent resin (each brick 10 x 23 x 3.3 cm.), a photograph printed on aluminium (90 x 40 cm.)

This project is based on the images, smells and tastes associated with the experience of the jasmine tree in the family home. The work itself connects two moments: the memory and the present, in a metaphor of living. The elements of memories are sublimated in the pieces which, like frozen evocations, take me to the past and launch me into the future.

The smell of jasmine is a scent that I inevitably identify with the family home. More to the place and not so much to the people. For as long as I can recall, I remember a large jasmine tree at the front door of the house. This place has been used to take pictures of my family, generation after generation. 

This project is an invitation to walk on my footsteps, on the golden jasmine leaves, on the transparent distance that raises me above the ground. To feel the need for a continuation so that the viewer will turn back to their own memory and remember.