graça plaques

2021 – 5 brass plaques, pieces of jute sacks and thread – 15 x 45 x 0,3 cm.

This work in progress is a set of 5 pieces, 3 of which are shown here. Each piece is made up of a brass plate, on which pieces of jute sacks sewn together by a free seam. The origin of these sacks can be found in my family home and in the past they were used to transport almond harvests.

The different dreamed landscapes build an overlapping of our memories. The jute sack cut-outs evoke the passage of time through their own history as objects. People, as constant memory-making machines, leave a veil behind them. Thus, they accumulate and create layers that even conceal a precious moment.

The brass plaque that is partially hidden refers to the commemorative signs that mark a significant moment in time for future remembrance. They will show Pessoa’s phrases engraved on them, as an allusion to my stay at the city of Lisbon during the months of October and November 2021.

“Pensar, sentir, querer, tornam-se uma só confusa coisa. As crenças, as sensações, as coisas imaginadas e as atuais estão desarrumadas, são como o conteúdo, misturado no chão, de várias gavetas viradas.” Fernando Pessoa.